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Water Damage Ramapo

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Eliminating the vast array of effects that any sort of restoration concern can create means being at the scene quickly and bringing the right tools to get the job done, and this is why people trust in 911 Restoration Rockland owners Eli Elfasi and Daniel Gradus, along with their water damage team.

Providing effective solutions to the challenges of a restoration project requires experts who are licensed, insured, bonded, and IICRC certified to take on anything.

“My team and I have all the credentials and training to handle any sort of restoration project,” Eli says. “And we always make sure to put the customer first with every project we solve.”

Eli and Daniel have been doing this work for their entire careers and this is how they know that taking charge in these situations means being there quickly to start directing the restoration recovery, and that is why they can be anywhere within 45 minutes to begin the work.

If your home is already amid a flooding event, mold growth situation, sewage backup instance, fire and smoke challenge, or a disaster of any kind, contact Daniel, Eli and the water damage Ramapo team with 911 Restoration Rockland today!

Water Damage Restoration

Daniel, Eli, and the water damage Ramapo specialists know that water damage can take many forms, from ice dam intrusions to pipe bursts and water heater failures, they can handle it all.

Water Damage Restoration From Misplaced Screw“Our water damage Ramapo crew has seen and solved all the various different kinds of liquid invasion that can happen in homes and businesses, and that is why we have become the go-to source for services in the area,” Daniel explains.

When a water heater fails, pipe bursts, or any other form of water damage takes place, the best way to prevent it from increasing the loss is to get to it quickly.

“Our water damage Ramapo crews are available 24/7/365,” Eli says. “That way we can get started immediately and begin work before the situation has a chance to start growing mold too.”

Water damage, no matter what form it takes, requires talent, skill and know-how to be extracted and restored properly and this is why Eli, Daniel and the water damage Ramapo crew bring all of the latest and greatest drying technology and advanced suction equipment to the project.

If your home is already amid a flooding situation, pipe burst, water heater loss, or any other form of liquid issue, then don’t hesitate to contact Eli, Daniel, and the water damage Ramapo crew with 911 Restoration Rockland today!

Sewage Backup

When it comes to alleviating the variables that arise in a sewage backup Ramapo scenario, those in the know rely on Eli, Daniel, and their team with 911 Restoration to take on the challenge.

Water Damage Restoration In Progress“Our crews are all trained in the proper ways to handle any sewage backup situation, and to take care of the restoration project as well,” Daniel explains. “This means we can handle anything from a toilet overflow to a sewage backflow valve loss, to a municipal backup at the main line.”

There isn’t any form of loss from a sewage backup that Eli, Daniel and the crew can’t handle with total professionalism, and this is because they make it a priority to always put the customers needs as the highest priority.

“We recommend no trying to attempt a sewage backup cleanup on your own,” Eli says. “This is because these materials and substances can be extremely hazardous to your health and it is imperative that they be taken care of properly by certified experts like our team.”

If your home or store is inundated with a sewage backup situation, then don’t wait for it to grow a mold contamination as well. Contact Eli, Daniel, and the sewage backup Ramapo team with 911 Restoration Rockland and let the experts take care of it all for you today!

Disaster Restoration

Eli, Daniel, and the disaster restoration Ramapo team know that there are many different forms that disasters can take, and this means that there must be an equal number of expert solutions for their remedy as well.

That is why people in Rockland rely on the skill, talent, experience and know-how of Eli, Daniel, and the disaster restoration crew with 911 Restoration to do whatever the job entails properly and at a very affordable rate as well.

Disasters ranging from severe storms, tornados, flooding, earthquakes, and even hurricanes are all elements of nature that Eli, Daniel and the disaster restoration Ramapo team have handled before and that gives them the foundation to handle any concern you have for your home or business with ease.

Eli, Daniel, and the disaster restoration Ramapo staff don’t just take care of the disasters and restore homes after they have occurred, but they are also experts at restoring the peace of mind for people going through these situations too.

If your home is already experiencing the aftereffects of any disaster form, then don’t wait another minute to contact Eli, Daniel, and the disaster restoration experts with 911 Restoration Rockland today!

Mold Removal

Solving the challenges presented by a mold contamination situation requires double the skill because typically these projects also involve a water damage event as well.

This is so because mold needs water to grow efficiently, and any water damage event will turn into a mold growth situation or fungus infestation of some sort if not taken care of immediately.

“Mold grows really quickly and the best way to mitigate its effects is to get to the scene of the water damage event quickly and with the right tools for the job,” Eli explains. “This is why we get to a project within the hour of being called for help, and we can do anything 24/7/365 so that mold doesn’t have a chance to take hold.”

Mold is also a restoration concern that people shouldn’t try to handle on their own because if it isn’t taken care of properly it may get jostled and dislodged only to become airborne and grow a new colony somewhere else in the home.

“This is why my mold removal Ramapo team and I always use the proper vapor barriers and containment means to control the mold at all levels,” Daniel says. “It is crucial for stopping a mold contamination in its tracks.”

If your home is already going through a mold contamination event and you’d like the best in the business to handle it for you, then contact Daniel, Eli, and the mold removal Ramapo team with 911 Restoration Rockland today!

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Eli, Daniel and the fire and smoke damage restoration Ramapo crew know that a fire can be one of the most stressful restoration events to take place in a home or business, and this is why they endeavor to make the situation as easy to get past as possible with their expert services.

Water Damage Fire Damage Kitchen Area With Restoration In Progress“We don’t just eliminate the smoke, fire damage, debris, and water damage from a fire and smoke restoration, we also eliminate the stress that these trying times can cause too,” Eli explains. “We do this by walking out customers through every aspect of a fire and smoke restoration project.”

Many times a fire and smoke damage restoration Ramapo project also requires the skill of water damage restoration technicians because most times a fire will be put out with large volumes of water from the fire department.

“Most people don’t realize it, but there is almost always a water damage project accompanying a fire and smoke damage restoration job because the fire department uses so much of it to make sure the blaze is out,” Daniel says. “And we try to get to the scene quickly so that a fire and smoke damage restoration job with water damage in tow, doesn’t turn into a mold contamination too.”

If your home is already amid a fire and smoke damage situation, then don’t wait for the damage to increase through stagnation.

Contact Daniel, Eli, and the fire and smoke damage restoration team with 911 Restoration Rockland for all the help you need to get your home back to normal again today!

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